Five stars Goodreads *****

“From the moment I picked this book up, I was enthralled and the story was so well written that I simply had to keep reading. Brereton weaves a fascinating story of several famous houses which lived during the Tudor age, including the Howards, Stewarts, Boleyns and of course the famous Tudors. If you are looking for a new fiction series that will draw you in and keep you wanting more than this is certainly the book for you!”

    Sarah Bryson, author of ‘La Reine Blanche’.

Four stars Goodreads ****

“I really enjoyed it. I sometimes struggle with books written from the point of view of several characters, as this one is, but this one worked quite well because it had to be told from the points of view of different characters because it is spread across several countries – England, France and Scotland. The addition of Tudor recipes was a nice touch, and demonstrated that the writer had really done her research.”

Helene Harrison, Tudorblogger

Three stars Goodreads ***

“There’s a romance element, there are political elements, there’s family strife, and there’s humor in this book. There are also multiple twists and turns towards the end, which of course I can’t elaborate on – wouldn’t want to give anything away!
Overall, this was a refreshingly different Tudor novel, centered around a family that don’t often star as the main characters in fiction, and spanning enough people and places to make you feel like you were getting multiple books in one.”

Stephanie Tracy The Tudor Enthusiast