Discover what it’s like being part of a dynasty, desperate to retain the support of the mercurial Henry VIII, in a court fraught with danger. Here, larger than life characters such as Thomas Wolsey, Charles Brandon, the Boleyns and the Howards prowl the corridors, all aware that a whisper in the wrong ear could see a man or woman thrown into the terrifying Tower of London. Will Thomas Howard, soldier, courtier, and statesman be able to lead his family back from financial ruin and disgrace?

Travel up to Scotland to meet the charismatic King. Recently wed to his Tudor child-bride, James has never recovered from his first love.

Find out what’s happening down in Cornwall, referred to by the first Tudor king as ‘the back door of rebellion’. The Tredavoe family is loyal to the King but hiding an explosive secret. Will Cecily, as beautiful and spirited as the King’s sister, discover it?

Cross over to France. Picardy is governed by Guy d’Ardres, married to a Cornishwoman, and father of Tristan, destined for the church but ready to move heaven and earth to avoid it. He’s constantly at odds with the Governor’s charismatic ward, Nicolas de La Barre, as well as Valentine de Fleury, a neighbour’s child, determined to make his life a misery.

Be prepared for ‘A Phoenix Rising’ to take you on a journey. To acquaint you with the sounds, sights, smells, touch and tastes of the time. You’ll even leave with an original recipe or two in your pockets. Enjoy!