The Field of Cloth of Gold

Imagine yourself off to the Olympic Games; the Cannes Film Festival; Paris fashion week; the final of Masterchef; Glynbourne and a performance at the Royal Shakespeare company. Throw in a smattering of young royals, including two kings both in their twenties: handsome, rich and powerful; all the top politicians; some serious A-listers from France and England. Plenty of healthy (and not so healthy) rivalry. A competition to pick the best jousters, the fairest women, and most of all, the King to outshine his rival. And there you are: at The Field of Cloth of Gold, a stunning Festival, with its very own especially built palace, amidst a sea of tents of shimmering gold, and pavilions of untold luxury. No expense was spared. On either side. When: June 7th to June 24th, 1520. Where: In a vale between the villages of Guines, in the English pale of Calais, and Ardres, in France. Why: To arrange a meeting to back up the 1518 Treaty of Perpetual Frienship. Guests: Strictly by invitation only to 6,000 lucky nobles from the English and French courts.